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DMA (Portland Oregon) | 9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard OR 97223 | 503-372-5187. DMA Portland reviews marketing campaigns of national companies and implements additional strategies to increase sales and customer retention, but also does so much more than that. DMA Portland Oregon has been called an entrepreneurial breeding ground for future forerunners of business and this blog serves to help both employees and potential employees identify their goals and set action plans to reach them.

DMA Portland Reviews Marketing Solutions

Outsourcing sales and marketing has been going on for quite some time (around 15 years). Contracting other companies to analyze marketing strategies, conduct sales presentations, and provide customer retention followup is becoming increasingly valuable in today's economy. DMA Portland provides all of these functions to the local market in Oregon, while focusing on expansion opportunities for employees. The contracting company gets the benefits of having an internal sales and marketing force while also getting the benefits of focusing on their core competencies while we at DMA focus on ours.

As most other sales and marketing companies hire employees as 1099 contract workers, DMA Portland hires staff as W-2 employees. This provides more control over the sales quality and overall customer experience than hiring a contract worker.

Outsourced sales and marketing is one of the fastest growing business service fields in the world today. Revenues are expected to exceed $100 billion within the next few years. The team at DMA Portland Oregon is definitely aware of this and is positioned to expand accordingly.

DMA Portland Oregon Reviews The Expansion Process

Beyond Portland Oregon lies vast markets with potential customers in abundance. As companies look to increase their revenues and get a higher return on their investment, they are looking to companies like DMA Portland to provide this for them. DMA Portland reviews several expansion opportunities throughout the course of a year and is eagerly awaiting the time in which the company can take on an additional client in Portland, Oregon and expand into additional cities and locations for new clients.

DMA Portland believes in internal promotions and does not hire anyone directly into management. Everyone starts at the entry level position for training purposes. A person has to learn the campaign, product knowledge, sales strategies, and customer retention processes. After a brief training period at DMA Portland Oregon, an employee is transitioned into a sales trainer position. During that time, the sales trainer is fully trained in all aspects of team management, coaching and development, project management, and hones their sales and customer retention techniques.

As a DMA Portland Oregon employee nears the final stages of the management training process, they are trained in administration, client relations, company financials, market research, human resources, and large team management. All of this is to serve as a grooming process to get that person into a managing partnership position within DMA.

DMA Portland Oregon Jobs

DMA Portland jobs all begin as an entry level representative, as stated above. In order for someone to be truly successful in the industry of sales and marketing, they must possess the following characteristics:

  • Work Ethic
  • Integrity
  • Eye for Detail
  • Professionalism
  • Entrepreneur Spirit
  • Competitiveness
  • Student Mentality
  • Dependability
  • Sense of Humor
  • High Communication Ability
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Positive Attitude

  • If these characteristics are not present in an individual, the staff at DMA Portland can help someone develop them. However, the more of these someone can bring to the table, the faster they will become eligible for promotion. DMA Portland reviews a person's candidacy for promotion based on performance and merit. Seniority is a non-issue as the company looks to promote it's top performers into management, ideally, within a matter of months...not years.

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    9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard OR 97223 | 503-372-5187

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