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DMA (Portland Oregon) | 9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard OR 97223 | 503-372-5187. DMA Portland reviews marketing campaigns of national companies and implements additional strategies to increase sales and customer retention, but also does so much more than that. DMA Portland Oregon has been called an entrepreneurial breeding ground for future forerunners of business and this blog serves to help both employees and potential employees identify their goals and set action plans to reach them.

DMA Portland Reviews Marketing Solutions

Outsourcing sales and marketing has been going on for quite some time (around 15 years). Contracting other companies to analyze marketing strategies, conduct sales presentations, and provide customer retention followup is becoming increasingly valuable in today's economy. DMA Portland provides all of these functions to the local market in Oregon, while focusing on expansion opportunities for employees. The contracting company gets the benefits of having an internal sales and marketing force while also getting the benefits of focusing on their core competencies while we at DMA focus on ours.

As most other sales and marketing companies hire employees as 1099 contract workers, DMA Portland hires staff as W-2 employees. This provides more control over the sales quality and overall customer experience than hiring a contract worker.

Outsourced sales and marketing is one of the fastest growing business service fields in the world today. Revenues are expected to exceed $100 billion within the next few years. The team at DMA Portland Oregon is definitely aware of this and is positioned to expand accordingly.

DMA Portland Oregon Reviews The Expansion Process

Beyond Portland Oregon lies vast markets with potential customers in abundance. As companies look to increase their revenues and get a higher return on their investment, they are looking to companies like DMA Portland to provide this for them. DMA Portland reviews several expansion opportunities throughout the course of a year and is eagerly awaiting the time in which the company can take on an additional client in Portland, Oregon and expand into additional cities and locations for new clients.

DMA Portland believes in internal promotions and does not hire anyone directly into management. Everyone starts at the entry level position for training purposes. A person has to learn the campaign, product knowledge, sales strategies, and customer retention processes. After a brief training period at DMA Portland Oregon, an employee is transitioned into a sales trainer position. During that time, the sales trainer is fully trained in all aspects of team management, coaching and development, project management, and hones their sales and customer retention techniques.

As a DMA Portland Oregon employee nears the final stages of the management training process, they are trained in administration, client relations, company financials, market research, human resources, and large team management. All of this is to serve as a grooming process to get that person into a managing partnership position within DMA.

DMA Portland Oregon Jobs

DMA Portland jobs all begin as an entry level representative, as stated above. In order for someone to be truly successful in the industry of sales and marketing, they must possess the following characteristics:

  • Work Ethic
  • Integrity
  • Eye for Detail
  • Professionalism
  • Entrepreneur Spirit
  • Competitiveness
  • Student Mentality
  • Dependability
  • Sense of Humor
  • High Communication Ability
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Positive Attitude

  • If these characteristics are not present in an individual, the staff at DMA Portland can help someone develop them. However, the more of these someone can bring to the table, the faster they will become eligible for promotion. DMA Portland reviews a person's candidacy for promotion based on performance and merit. Seniority is a non-issue as the company looks to promote it's top performers into management, ideally, within a matter of months...not years.

    DMA Portland Oregon Address and Contact Info

    9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard OR 97223 | 503-372-5187

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    Saturday, December 27, 2014

    Numerology in Business

    In marketing, we are always looking to stay one step ahead of the competition. After all, you have to drive sales and meet goals to turn a profit. It's interesting that some marketing companies are turning to the appeal of numerology in their marketing efforts. Does it work? You be the judge.

    Name Numerology

    If you look at a name, numerology suggests that there is more to it than just random letters thrown together to make a word. The numerologists suggest that a person wasn't just born and then the birth parents gave out some random name that they liked. Instead, before a person is even out of the womb, they are giving off a certain frequency that their birth parents pick up on. They are able to tune in to these frequencies on a subconscious level then assign a name based mathematical equations correlating to numerology meanings of those numbers.

    I know it sounds a little complicated, but after all, its only a pseudo-science...sort of like Psychology. What if there is something to that? Can people really tune in to a person's vibration and energy. Are people really able to correlate those energies with a name. Can you reverse engineer name numerology to figure out how to send messages to your target audience?

    Business Name Numerology

    In business, brand identity is an important factor in soaking up the market-share. Just look at Nike for example. They own most of the market. Why? Because everyone associates certain things with that name. They have spent millions of dollars to achieve this feat, but what if it could be done just by picking the right name in the first place? Name changes in numerology lead to the addition of certain qualities to a person's personality. So, do you think that you could do this with names of businesses and marketing a brand name as well?

    The results are still mixed as there are a lot of variables in the equation. I think in order to truly figure out if marketing and name numerology is correlated, we need to find a few companies in the same industry who execute everything in the same manner, but the only difference is in their names. We can then see if numerology effects the businesses outcomes. Maybe we could just do an online poll and figure it all out. We'll keep you updated on our findings and market research, but this is going to be a very exciting topic!

    Monday, March 24, 2014

    DMA Portland Jobs

    If you are looking for a "job," we don't have any. There is no such thing as a "DMA Portland job." What we do have, though, is a lot more than that. A J.O.B. stands for 'just over broke.' This implies that jobs will only provide you with enough income to live week to week and paycheck to paycheck. At our company, employees are given the tools required to succeed in today's dynamic and ever-changing economy. As we continue to grow, so will our employees.

    dma portland job review
    DMA Portland careers are both challenging and rewarding.

    While some companies think that the key to successful growth is to just hire a bunch of people and see who works out, we believe that our employees are more valuable than that.

    DMA Portland Career Opportunities

    Not only does the DMA Portland work environment allow for professional growth with a healthy dose of accountability, it provides a mutual benefit for the company as well.

    As our top performing employees continue to exceed expectations of the basic duties of the position, they are granted additional privileges and responsibilities. This may include promotions, monetary bonuses, increases in salary and pay, or management positions.

    While some companies prefer to hire someone to fill a job, the DMA Portland jobs are designed to train a person HOW TO TRAIN a person for that job. This way, we can continually expect our top performers to be able to manage a large group of individuals in the management of our next campaign in Portland, Oregon...or an additional market with our current client.

    For more information on DMA Portland work opportunities and the reward structure set up for our top performers, be sure to visit our website at
    Thursday, August 1, 2013

    DMA Portland Reviews 10 Success Mantras

    In this post, management at DMA Portland reviews a recent post from Tony Robbins’ blog entitled, “Stop Your Limiting Beliefs: 10 Empowering Beliefs That Will Change Your Life.” Tony Robbins gets paid millions of dollars to coach people to better performance. He coaches world-class athletes, business leaders, and government officials for a reason…he’s great at what he does. In order for a person do reach a higher level of success, they can easily get information on how to do that…FOR FREE. However, the WANT has to be there before change can happen.

    Tony went from making $38,000 to over $1,000,000 in ONE YEAR by doing this.

    DMA Portland Reviews Interest vs Commitment

    ↓ Scroll Down to Watch Tony Robbins' Video on Extinguishing Limiting Beliefs! ↓

    DMA Portland Reviews There is a difference in simply being interested in doing better at a given task and being committed. For instance, when you first began dating a significant other, did you immediately become committed to him/her? Probably not. You were simply interested in the other person. The more you got to know them, you either became less interested, or more interested.

    If a person becomes interested enough in achieving a higher level of performance, relationships, growth in business, etc., he or she must develop a commitment.

    DMA Portland Reviews Why People Fail:

    Unfortunately 99% of people who fail after being ‘committed,’ only THOUGHT they were committed. They were only interested.  They may be highly interested, but if they were committed – they would have found a way to get it done. Don’t you think?

    Commitment means to cut off all other options and make a conscious decision to do something, no matter the cost, setbacks, or challenges. Management at DMA Portland reviews several resumes of people in the job market that have several different jobs listed in the last few years. Would you say that these people were committed to their work? The answer is no.

    In order for a person to achieve true change, they must review what they want to accomplish, where they are starting from, and what it will take to reach that level of accomplishment. They must commit.

    Forget about if the person has the skills or not, they must COMMIT if there is ever to be any hope. If they are merely interested, forget about it. As DMA Portland reviews top performers in regard to promotion eligibility, there is always a high level of commitment. Nothing can be achieved without it.

    DMA Portland Reviews Tony’s 10 Tips

    After a person has committed to achieve a higher level of performance, they have to extinguish their limiting beliefs. Tony Robbins gives us ten ways to do this in his recent blog post at

    1. The past does not equal the future.
    2. There is always a way if I’m committed.
    3. There are no failures, only outcomes—as long as I learn something I’m succeeding.
    4. If I can’t, I must; if I must, I can.
    5. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose that serves me.
    6. I find great joy in little things… a smile… a flower… a sunset.
    7. I give more of myself to others than anyone expects.
    8. I create my own reality and am responsible for what I create.
    9. If I’m confused, I’m about to learn something.
    10. Every day above ground is a great day.

    In this video, Tony Robbins reviews how he gets in a state of confidence when it counts to go from making $38,000 to $1 million in ONE YEAR.

    DMA Portland Reviews Tony Robbins’ Message

    In order to truly ACHIEVE MORE, we must change the way we think about things. Just think, if we were already thinking the way we needed to in order to achieve at our greatest potential, don’t you think we would already be achieving all we wanted?

    Start thinking in the way that Tony suggests. After all, many people pay him several thousands of dollars at a time to coach them to achieve more in their lives.

    This information is free. Utilize it and train your brain to think differently. For more tips on how to think effectively for success, please visit DMA Portland Reviews Success. Throughout the course of the week, management at DMA Portland reviews several tips on business, coaching, training, entrepreneurship, and sales. Follow our blog for our most relevant and insightful information that could transform your life!

    For DMA Portland jobs, you can Apply from this page!
    DMA Portland Reviews
    DMA Portland
    9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard, OR 97223 | 503-372-5187
    Sunday, May 12, 2013

    DMA Portland Job Review

    DMA Portland jobs all begin entry level...let's review why this important. Welcome to the DMA Portland Job Review.

    This DMA Portland job review is based on internal systems and operations designed to launch an employee's career from an entry level role into a managing partnership position. All training can be done in a matter of months...not years. Since DMA is a newer company and is relatively small in our operations, careers are much easier to establish and top performers are more noticed and rewarded.

    DMA Portland Jobs: Review of Qualifications

    DMA Portland Job Review
    Let's begin by saying that if you are just looking for a job, DMA Portland may not be the best fit. All employees of DMA are looking for advancement, additional responsibilities, training, and coaching opportunities. So if these things are not in line with what you are looking for, I'm sure there is something else out there that may fit your needs and you can fit that company's needs. Good luck and thank you for checking out the DMA Portland job review.

    If you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity where you can take on additional responsibilities and work your way up into management, based on YOUR results, please continue reading. What are the qualifications for a DMA Portland job?

    DMA Portland Job Requirements

    To be considered for employment, certain characteristics must be present. DMA Portland jobs require an extreme work ethic, professionalism, great communication skills, good attitude, and integrity. DMA represents national companies in the local Portland metropolitan area and those companies' brands and logos are on the line. Therefore, DMA Portland hires only top-talent. What is top talent? Someone who has the above characteristics is considered top-talent...not someone with just an impressive resume.

    Jobs at DMA Portland are not to be considered just 'jobs.' We at DMA Portland review a ton of resumes per week and are looking for people looking to advance their career, not just maintain. People looking for jobs are looking to be taken care of in a way...and we at DMA Portland definitely do that...but require something in return. We require a dedication to excellence, dedication to enhancing our client's brands and logo, and a dedication to help grow the company.

    The DMA Portland Job: Review of Merit-Based Advancement

    DMA Portland reviews a person's candidacy for promotion and additional responsibilities based on performance, dependability, and consistency of results. Reviewing a person's candidacy for promotion based on these factors allows management to promote the right individuals into the right positions. Just imagine if we promoted people based on seniority...people who were hired a few days before a hardworking newcomer would always be eligible for promotion before that person.

    By only promoting individuals based on merit and performance, we get sort of a neat little bi-product ..increased quality of sales, customer retention, and follow-through. Since the individual interactions with each customer is important to an employee's advancement within the company, the employee's motivation to take care of those customers is increased. Due to this direct correlation, employees at DMA Portland are more likely to take a vested interest in each customer than other similar companies.

    DMA Portland Jobs: Review of Advancement Opportunities

    As an employee masters the entry level job training, he/she is promoted into a trainer's role. DMA Portland reviews performance in this position based on how well a person is able to train, coach, and develop other people. The trainer gets to financial reward for increased sales of their subordinates, however, they gain the skills it takes to succeed as a managing partner. Another function of this post, the DMA Portland Job Review, is to address any unanswered questions regarding the DMA Portland job/career path. Below is a brief overview of the functions of the trainer's position.

    DMA Portland Job: Review of Training Curriculum

    The trainer at DMA Portland will be coached on how to train employees in the following areas:

    • basic sales and marketing techniques 
    • basic product knowledge / campaign information 
    • company information 
    • high-level communication 
    • DMA Portland rules and regulations 
    • DMA policies and procedures 
    • self-management 
    • leadership 
    • performing in a fast-paced and dynamic sales / marketing environment
    Not only does the DMA Portland job review management and leadership topics, it teaches a person how to excel at both. An employee's performance as a trainer is evaluated based on how well that person can manage others and lead a team.

    DMA Portland Job: Review of Management Training Curriculum

    After a person has become a top trainer within DMA Portland, that person gets trained in the additional areas:
    • large team management
    • client relations
    • market research
    • company financials
    • problem solving
    • marketing communications
    • sales quality control
    • coaching employees
    • human resources
    • hiring and talent scouting
    • scaling operations
    • reporting
    • payroll
    • salary analysis
    • benefits management
    The training of the above functions of the DMA Portland job takes anywhere from four to six months. Promotion into the assistant management (or top trainer) position can take anywhere from six to fourteen months, depending on the individual.

    Thanks For Checking Out The DMA Portland Job Review

    Thank you for reading the DMA Portland Job Review. If you have any further questions regarding careers, jobs, training, or the advancement opportunites at DMA Portland, please visit our company website at

    Interviewing for a DMA Portland job? Our company is located at 9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard OR 97223. We can be reached by phone at 503-372-5187. Feel free to also submit your comment or opinion right here on this blog!

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    DMA Portland Reviews Success

    DMA Portland reviews several keys to success throughout the course of an employee’s training. In this post, DMA Portland reviews the advice of newly promoted assistant manager, Josh A. Josh’s two biggest tips for success are to maximize your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses.

    DMA Portland Reviews Josh’s Keys to Success

    When the staff at DMA Portland reviewed Josh’s progression from an entry level position into an assistant management role (and soon to be managing partner), Josh told us an amusing anecdote about a pizza boy maximizing his strengths.

    DMA Portland reviews“I was driving down the main strip in downtown Bellevue, an up and coming suburb of Seattle when I saw a sign that said “A True Slice of Brooklyn”. Being a self-proclaimed pizza aficionado, it caught my eye and I was obliged to stop in and put the sign to the test. When I walked into the small take-out and delivery based pizzeria I was greeted by a young man who seemed a bit young to be working behind the cash register. When I later found out he was 13 years old, and his mother owned the place my suspicion turned into fruition. I asked him what kind of specials they had which was responded with, “everything we make is special!” and a smile from ear to ear.  I couldn't help but chuckle at the fact a boy so young would give me the best response to an indecisive customer. I probably did exactly what he thought I would do and ordered a standard cheese pie. While the pizza was being prepared, the boy sparked up small talk. He was engaging and humorous. He related conversation topics to current events and spoke about the Seahawks revival. After receiving the pizza I tipped the boy 10 dollars, told him to keep up the good work, and left with my slice of Brooklyn.”

    DMA Portland Reviews the Takeaway

    Even though the pizza boy didn’t have a ton of expertise or credibility in the pizza industry, he capitalized on his strengths…eagerness and enthusiasm. When all entrepreneurs started out in their journey, they were all this way…eager and enthusiastic. So many times we expect great results without having those two key ingredients. We should all remember that we should maximize what we have going for us and allow those characteristics to take our businesses to great heights.

    Malcolm Gladwell, renown author reviews 'Capitalizing on Human Potential'

    Josh A - Assistant Manager @ DMA Portland Reviews the Lesson

    The assistant manager, Josh, at DMA Portland reviews his thoughts on identifying your skill-set and maximizing your potential.

    “There are three types of skills. First, there are knowledge based skills which are acquired with education and experience. These are skills that a nuclear physicist or a linguist fluent in multiple languages might have. Second, there are transferable skills which are portable from job to job. Someone trained in human resources would be able to take those same skills and use them in a similar position somewhere else. Third, there are interpersonal skills which are unique to you and are developed over time.

    The boy who grew up working at the pizzeria was gaining people skills (personal skills) as he was working there. If the boy at worked there for a year prior to me walking through the door and continued to work there for another five years, you could easily expect that his people skills were developed more and more during his tenure with his mother’s pizzeria.

    Understanding and diagnosing strengths and weaknesses is the key to becoming more efficient, more effective with your time, and enable us become better communicators by understanding other’s strengths and weaknesses. It is vital to figure out what specifically we are good at, and do that more often. On the other hand being able to diagnose weaknesses and minimize those is just as important.”

    Josh A. of DMA Portland reviews the steps required to maximize your strengths

    Step 1:
    The first step is to define the term “mutually beneficial” in this context. Mutually beneficial in this context means a skill one possesses that benefits them and the customer or peer. For example the boy at the pizzeria made a 10 dollar tip on an eight dollar pie because he was so engaging with me, the customer. I enjoyed my time waiting for the pizza to come out of the oven, thus his personal skills proved to be mutually beneficial. So what are three skill strengths do you have that are mutually beneficial to you and your peers? A good way to review is to seek out a peer and ask them. Although we might all say we have a pretty good idea as to what strengths we have, most of the time we will list of “modest strengths” and what we WANT to be proficient in, however never really mention what we truly excel at. That’s why it’s important to have someone that will answer your question honestly.

    Step 2:
    Once our strengths are diagnosed, it’s time for our weaknesses. It is important to find two people to pose the following question, “what are my weaknesses, and how do they impact you?” The first person should have no vested interest (business association) who will point out weaknesses in personal skills, and the next with vested interest who will point out weaknesses in transferable skills (which are mainly used in a work environment). One caveat, especially to those who are hyper competitive, is not to be overly critical. Chances are the strengths greatly outweigh the weaknesses.

    Step 3:
    After our strengths and weaknesses are reviewed/diagnosed and are in clear single sentence statement form, it is time for a prescription. Unfortunately when someone first figures out certain weaknesses they will obsess over making themselves better by negating their strengths and focusing solely on their weaknesses. This is the most common mistake. Let’s review Wal-Mart for example.

    Wal-Mart has built a multi-billion dollar company based on their lower, working, and middle class customers who look for better bang-for-buck rates, this being their strength. Because of this their natural weakness is appealing to the wealthy or rich. Now, in order to appeal to the rich more, Wal-Mart decides to mark up their whole inventory, make smaller stores with more name brands and less off brands, and spend more resources decorating the place. Now they can appeal to the high end consumers but only a fool would expect the average Wal-Mart customer to step foot into the new swanky and higher priced Wal-Mart.
    Just as Wal-Mart wouldn't make this costly mistake, we should not on our path to personal development. Just as Shaquille O’Neil in his prime would not give his size and strength up to become a better point guard, we should not give our strengths up to work on our weaknesses. Instead, we should develop our strengths more and focus on what we CAN minimize.

    DMA Portland Reviews Josh’s Lesson

    As we look at Josh’s story and lessons therein, DMA Portland reviews the possible applications. Here’s what Josh has to say:

    “When all is said and done, more is often said than done. This is a formula made for applicators, not for the people who ‘have it all figured out’. Apply the concept of there is always more to learn, and there is always more to improve on, but never forget what you’re good at. Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, once said: ‘Figure out what you’re good at, and do it for a living.’”

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    Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    SCAM CITY - Eye Opening!

    Scams, rip-offs, bad purchases, customer complaints…DMA Portland reviews some implications that a lack of integrity in business dealings could have on your results and what constitutes a ‘scam.’ Heck, some people think that there is even a DMA Portland scam going on. This is completely absurd. Let's review.

    DMA Portland | Scam City

    Jason Royce of DMA Portland reviews the hit show Scam City on NatGeo where the host of the show 'gets scammed so you don't have to.' Jason reviews...

    I recently watched an episode of Scam City on National Geographic and it really opened my eyes to the things that people are doing to one another…just to make a buck. Scam City, hosted by Conor Woodman, dives deep into the inner workings scams and money-making ploys. This is truly an enlightening show and the theme of it is ‘I get scammed so you don’t have to!’ Check out the IMDB page for Scam City here.

    In the morning meeting, I discussed a recent episode of Scam City that I had caught on the National Geographic Channel. The particular episode I had seen dealt with the scams in Dubai. The television show portrayed the city of Dubai as one of the filthiest cities in the world. I’m sure the city has its good side, but that wouldn't make a very good show, would it? The scams some of these people pulled ranged from the fairly light-hearted ‘fooled me once’ type of thing to the utterly horrendous.

    The introductory piece of the program, Scam City, was fairly light-hearted. The host interviewed children who were selling old roses after removing the wilted outer layers for a few cents to tourists. The funny thing is, these children would dress themselves up in bandages and then color these bandages with red magic marker to get more money. Apparently they had tried this money-making scheme without and didn't do as well.

    • After I reviewed this way of ‘producing income’ with the staff of DMA Portland Oregon, I asked the question: “The act was short of integrity, but was it a scam?”

    The less light-hearted portion of the program brought the medical profession, if you can call it that, to light. If you were to get sick in Dubai, you could easily find a doctor to treat your illness; however, that ‘doctor’ may not be certified to practice medicine. Meaning, they have neither formal training nor practice in real medicine. The prices of the services of these ‘doctors’ should be a tell-tale. I think you could get some ‘medicine’ from one of them for around $5.00. Many tourists and visitors go to one of these thousands of doctors because they think that it’s a ‘good deal’ and they don’t have a lot of money. In the long run, I’m sure they aren't thinking that.

    • Again I asked DMA Portland employees if this was a scam. Their answers were all over the board, but they came to the conclusion that if people in the city were portraying themselves as certified medical professionals and charging people for services, it indeed could be classified as a scam.

    Now for the worst. Another piece of the program showed how easy it is to actually pull off insurance fraud by obtaining a death certificate. Apparently it’s fairly common to get authentic papers signed by an authority in the city…but there’s a fee. The scammers have to make their money too, you know? Why someone would want to do that is beyond me.

    In order to truly succeed long term, visit our DMA Portland Reviews post to see what our assistant manager says about success and the key characteristics of successful people.

    DMA Portland on Scams

    I can understand the hustle of the people in the city. The average weekly income for a person living in India is less than $5.00 (U.S. currency). There aren't a lot of high paying jobs in most of the cities, and if there are, they are filled. So, what is a person to do to make money?

    Well, there certainly is a difference between selling roses and faking your own death and committing insurance fraud, isn't there?

    Just what is a scam?

    Here’s what Merriam-Webster says about the word ‘scam.’

    DMA Portland Scam

    That really doesn't give us too much direction, huh?

    What makes something a scam?

    Well it really depends on the consumer’s viewpoint. Did the children selling the roses tell them that they were going to use the money to go and receive medical attention? If so, you could consider that a scam. Did they imply it? Well, there is less grounds to call that one a scam. People received a rose in return for a few cents. They knew the deal. I wouldn't consider this one a scam.

    Defrauding insurance companies; however, is definitely a scam.

    I hold the opinion that any time an individual receives substantial gain as a result of a false claim, it is considered fraudulent – or scamming.

    Job scams can also be considered fraudulent as well. WARNING: If any company requires you to pay for application fees or training, it may be a scam. Check with the Better Business Bureau before seeking ‘employment’ with those companies. However, I know a lot of financial advisers and insurance agents who had to pay for their training and training materials in the beginning, so not all jobs requiring payment are scams.

    Not that DMA Portland jobs require money, in fact the opposite is true – they make an individual money, but just food for thought. I guess this should probably indicate to you that there isn't a DMA Portland scam going on in Oregon too. :)

    Thank you for reading the DMA Portland Scam City Review!.