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DMA Portland Job Review

DMA Portland jobs all begin entry level...let's review why this important. Welcome to the DMA Portland Job Review.

This DMA Portland job review is based on internal systems and operations designed to launch an employee's career from an entry level role into a managing partnership position. All training can be done in a matter of months...not years. Since DMA is a newer company and is relatively small in our operations, careers are much easier to establish and top performers are more noticed and rewarded.

DMA Portland Jobs: Review of Qualifications

DMA Portland Job Review
Let's begin by saying that if you are just looking for a job, DMA Portland may not be the best fit. All employees of DMA are looking for advancement, additional responsibilities, training, and coaching opportunities. So if these things are not in line with what you are looking for, I'm sure there is something else out there that may fit your needs and you can fit that company's needs. Good luck and thank you for checking out the DMA Portland job review.

If you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity where you can take on additional responsibilities and work your way up into management, based on YOUR results, please continue reading. What are the qualifications for a DMA Portland job?

DMA Portland Job Requirements

To be considered for employment, certain characteristics must be present. DMA Portland jobs require an extreme work ethic, professionalism, great communication skills, good attitude, and integrity. DMA represents national companies in the local Portland metropolitan area and those companies' brands and logos are on the line. Therefore, DMA Portland hires only top-talent. What is top talent? Someone who has the above characteristics is considered top-talent...not someone with just an impressive resume.

Jobs at DMA Portland are not to be considered just 'jobs.' We at DMA Portland review a ton of resumes per week and are looking for people looking to advance their career, not just maintain. People looking for jobs are looking to be taken care of in a way...and we at DMA Portland definitely do that...but require something in return. We require a dedication to excellence, dedication to enhancing our client's brands and logo, and a dedication to help grow the company.

The DMA Portland Job: Review of Merit-Based Advancement

DMA Portland reviews a person's candidacy for promotion and additional responsibilities based on performance, dependability, and consistency of results. Reviewing a person's candidacy for promotion based on these factors allows management to promote the right individuals into the right positions. Just imagine if we promoted people based on seniority...people who were hired a few days before a hardworking newcomer would always be eligible for promotion before that person.

By only promoting individuals based on merit and performance, we get sort of a neat little bi-product ..increased quality of sales, customer retention, and follow-through. Since the individual interactions with each customer is important to an employee's advancement within the company, the employee's motivation to take care of those customers is increased. Due to this direct correlation, employees at DMA Portland are more likely to take a vested interest in each customer than other similar companies.

DMA Portland Jobs: Review of Advancement Opportunities

As an employee masters the entry level job training, he/she is promoted into a trainer's role. DMA Portland reviews performance in this position based on how well a person is able to train, coach, and develop other people. The trainer gets to financial reward for increased sales of their subordinates, however, they gain the skills it takes to succeed as a managing partner. Another function of this post, the DMA Portland Job Review, is to address any unanswered questions regarding the DMA Portland job/career path. Below is a brief overview of the functions of the trainer's position.

DMA Portland Job: Review of Training Curriculum

The trainer at DMA Portland will be coached on how to train employees in the following areas:

  • basic sales and marketing techniques 
  • basic product knowledge / campaign information 
  • company information 
  • high-level communication 
  • DMA Portland rules and regulations 
  • DMA policies and procedures 
  • self-management 
  • leadership 
  • performing in a fast-paced and dynamic sales / marketing environment
Not only does the DMA Portland job review management and leadership topics, it teaches a person how to excel at both. An employee's performance as a trainer is evaluated based on how well that person can manage others and lead a team.

DMA Portland Job: Review of Management Training Curriculum

After a person has become a top trainer within DMA Portland, that person gets trained in the additional areas:
  • large team management
  • client relations
  • market research
  • company financials
  • problem solving
  • marketing communications
  • sales quality control
  • coaching employees
  • human resources
  • hiring and talent scouting
  • scaling operations
  • reporting
  • payroll
  • salary analysis
  • benefits management
The training of the above functions of the DMA Portland job takes anywhere from four to six months. Promotion into the assistant management (or top trainer) position can take anywhere from six to fourteen months, depending on the individual.

Thanks For Checking Out The DMA Portland Job Review

Thank you for reading the DMA Portland Job Review. If you have any further questions regarding careers, jobs, training, or the advancement opportunites at DMA Portland, please visit our company website at

Interviewing for a DMA Portland job? Our company is located at 9780 SW Shady Lane Suite 200 Tigard OR 97223. We can be reached by phone at 503-372-5187. Feel free to also submit your comment or opinion right here on this blog!

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