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DMA Portland Reviews 10 Success Mantras

In this post, management at DMA Portland reviews a recent post from Tony Robbins’ blog entitled, “Stop Your Limiting Beliefs: 10 Empowering Beliefs That Will Change Your Life.” Tony Robbins gets paid millions of dollars to coach people to better performance. He coaches world-class athletes, business leaders, and government officials for a reason…he’s great at what he does. In order for a person do reach a higher level of success, they can easily get information on how to do that…FOR FREE. However, the WANT has to be there before change can happen.

Tony went from making $38,000 to over $1,000,000 in ONE YEAR by doing this.

DMA Portland Reviews Interest vs Commitment

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DMA Portland Reviews There is a difference in simply being interested in doing better at a given task and being committed. For instance, when you first began dating a significant other, did you immediately become committed to him/her? Probably not. You were simply interested in the other person. The more you got to know them, you either became less interested, or more interested.

If a person becomes interested enough in achieving a higher level of performance, relationships, growth in business, etc., he or she must develop a commitment.

DMA Portland Reviews Why People Fail:

Unfortunately 99% of people who fail after being ‘committed,’ only THOUGHT they were committed. They were only interested.  They may be highly interested, but if they were committed – they would have found a way to get it done. Don’t you think?

Commitment means to cut off all other options and make a conscious decision to do something, no matter the cost, setbacks, or challenges. Management at DMA Portland reviews several resumes of people in the job market that have several different jobs listed in the last few years. Would you say that these people were committed to their work? The answer is no.

In order for a person to achieve true change, they must review what they want to accomplish, where they are starting from, and what it will take to reach that level of accomplishment. They must commit.

Forget about if the person has the skills or not, they must COMMIT if there is ever to be any hope. If they are merely interested, forget about it. As DMA Portland reviews top performers in regard to promotion eligibility, there is always a high level of commitment. Nothing can be achieved without it.

DMA Portland Reviews Tony’s 10 Tips

After a person has committed to achieve a higher level of performance, they have to extinguish their limiting beliefs. Tony Robbins gives us ten ways to do this in his recent blog post at

1. The past does not equal the future.
2. There is always a way if I’m committed.
3. There are no failures, only outcomes—as long as I learn something I’m succeeding.
4. If I can’t, I must; if I must, I can.
5. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose that serves me.
6. I find great joy in little things… a smile… a flower… a sunset.
7. I give more of myself to others than anyone expects.
8. I create my own reality and am responsible for what I create.
9. If I’m confused, I’m about to learn something.
10. Every day above ground is a great day.

In this video, Tony Robbins reviews how he gets in a state of confidence when it counts to go from making $38,000 to $1 million in ONE YEAR.

DMA Portland Reviews Tony Robbins’ Message

In order to truly ACHIEVE MORE, we must change the way we think about things. Just think, if we were already thinking the way we needed to in order to achieve at our greatest potential, don’t you think we would already be achieving all we wanted?

Start thinking in the way that Tony suggests. After all, many people pay him several thousands of dollars at a time to coach them to achieve more in their lives.

This information is free. Utilize it and train your brain to think differently. For more tips on how to think effectively for success, please visit DMA Portland Reviews Success. Throughout the course of the week, management at DMA Portland reviews several tips on business, coaching, training, entrepreneurship, and sales. Follow our blog for our most relevant and insightful information that could transform your life!

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