Monday, March 24, 2014

DMA Portland Jobs

If you are looking for a "job," we don't have any. There is no such thing as a "DMA Portland job." What we do have, though, is a lot more than that. A J.O.B. stands for 'just over broke.' This implies that jobs will only provide you with enough income to live week to week and paycheck to paycheck. At our company, employees are given the tools required to succeed in today's dynamic and ever-changing economy. As we continue to grow, so will our employees.

dma portland job review
DMA Portland careers are both challenging and rewarding.

While some companies think that the key to successful growth is to just hire a bunch of people and see who works out, we believe that our employees are more valuable than that.

DMA Portland Career Opportunities

Not only does the DMA Portland work environment allow for professional growth with a healthy dose of accountability, it provides a mutual benefit for the company as well.

As our top performing employees continue to exceed expectations of the basic duties of the position, they are granted additional privileges and responsibilities. This may include promotions, monetary bonuses, increases in salary and pay, or management positions.

While some companies prefer to hire someone to fill a job, the DMA Portland jobs are designed to train a person HOW TO TRAIN a person for that job. This way, we can continually expect our top performers to be able to manage a large group of individuals in the management of our next campaign in Portland, Oregon...or an additional market with our current client.

For more information on DMA Portland work opportunities and the reward structure set up for our top performers, be sure to visit our website at

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