Saturday, December 27, 2014

Numerology in Business

In marketing, we are always looking to stay one step ahead of the competition. After all, you have to drive sales and meet goals to turn a profit. It's interesting that some marketing companies are turning to the appeal of numerology in their marketing efforts. Does it work? You be the judge.

Name Numerology

If you look at a name, numerology suggests that there is more to it than just random letters thrown together to make a word. The numerologists suggest that a person wasn't just born and then the birth parents gave out some random name that they liked. Instead, before a person is even out of the womb, they are giving off a certain frequency that their birth parents pick up on. They are able to tune in to these frequencies on a subconscious level then assign a name based mathematical equations correlating to numerology meanings of those numbers.

I know it sounds a little complicated, but after all, its only a pseudo-science...sort of like Psychology. What if there is something to that? Can people really tune in to a person's vibration and energy. Are people really able to correlate those energies with a name. Can you reverse engineer name numerology to figure out how to send messages to your target audience?

Business Name Numerology

In business, brand identity is an important factor in soaking up the market-share. Just look at Nike for example. They own most of the market. Why? Because everyone associates certain things with that name. They have spent millions of dollars to achieve this feat, but what if it could be done just by picking the right name in the first place? Name changes in numerology lead to the addition of certain qualities to a person's personality. So, do you think that you could do this with names of businesses and marketing a brand name as well?

The results are still mixed as there are a lot of variables in the equation. I think in order to truly figure out if marketing and name numerology is correlated, we need to find a few companies in the same industry who execute everything in the same manner, but the only difference is in their names. We can then see if numerology effects the businesses outcomes. Maybe we could just do an online poll and figure it all out. We'll keep you updated on our findings and market research, but this is going to be a very exciting topic!

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