Saturday, April 20, 2013

DMA Portland Reviews The Difference

DMA Portland Oregon Solutions

Our choices define who we are and what others will remember us to be. Many times throughout our lives we are given different options, or forks in the road, in which we ultimately have to make a decision. A manager at DMA Portland reviews this philosophy: "Whether its in business or in our personal lives, we are where we are as a result of the CHOICES that we have made along the way. So, it only makes sense that life will continue to be this way in the future. So wherever we want to be, whoever we want to be, is all dependent upon the choices we make."

DMA Portland Reviews 'Choices'

When you come upon a fork in the road, do you take the road less traveled or the well maintained path? Well, it all depends on where you want to end up. If you want to something different than most people, choose the road less traveled. According to management here at DMA Portland Oregon, if you want the same things that everyone has gotten, choose the well-beaten path. Neither road is necessarily the wrong one as they both lead to somewhere, but that somewhere is different.

If you want a great career or business, you have to make different choices than other people who have tried and failed. You have to review the different avenues and make a choice. Many people try the road less traveled, but often run back the 'safe' road because they realize all of the work that lies in front of them. If you are truly committed to your goals, and your goals are lofty, making decisions contrary to the norm is a prerequisite.

A manager at DMA Portland reviews this idea: "All of our staff here at DMA Portland have several different choices throughout their career. Many of my staff get approached with job opportunities every single week. They choose to pursue their career with DMA Portland because it is hard. It is the road less traveled and they get a sense that 'something' is in it for them on the other side. That something is actually quite remarkable. We give them a piece of our company, a large budget, and profit sharing."

For more information on DMA Portland jobs, please visit our DMA Portland Job Review where you can see what's in it for taking the road less traveled.

DMA Portland Reviews Your Future

Whatever or whomever you wish to be in the future is totally up to you. There are several studies done about nature vs. nurture and it turns out, that it is a little bit of both that affects the way we behave. Cognitive-behavioral psychology tells us that we are ultimately in control of our habits, our way of thinking, and ultimately our future. The way we perceive the world affects they way we will think. The way we think affects our actions. The way we act dictates our future.

To secure your future, choose the road less traveled. Create something for yourself. Don't look for a job, create your own value and market yourself. Chances are, you have some skills that others are seeking. Capitalize on that need and secure your own employment. Don't just jump on some job that will pay you a decent sum in the short term...that's the road that everyone takes, and a lot of people are now out of jobs, laid-off, underemployed, and have to wait several more years before they can retire. Most people do not have adequate savings to support a decent lifestyle if they do, in fact, choose to retire.

Don't do what the American public does, or you will become the American public. Create something for yourself and choose the road less traveled.

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