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DMA Portland Reviews Risk and Potential

There is a great quote out there somewhere that says, 'If at first you succeed, try something harder.'
In this post, a manager at DMA Portland reviews why this is important to reaching one's potential and the potential negative consequences if he/she does not take risks.


DMA Portland Reviews Potential

When someone is first attempting something new, there is - what we call - POTENTIAL. This potential is great. Many managers use this term frequently to motivate staff and new hires in various companies across the United States. But just how long can you motivate someone by saying they have potential? Do they have the same potential they did the last time you commented on it OR are they bridging the gap??

Potential is great to start off with. It's required. After a while, simply having potential is a negative.


DMA Portland Reviews the Negatives of 'Potential'

Many people do not reach a professional status in their given field - whether it be a sport, a profession, performance, whatever - due to the fact that people do not push themselves to the next level. I this section, a manager at DMA Portland reviews the potential negatives of not reaching someone's potential.

"Having a certain level of potential is terrific. We require it here at DMA Portland for all of our entry level personnel. There comes a point, though, where potential simply isn't enough. Unfortunately, after someone has been labeled with having potential, we up the ante a little terms of expectations of performance. If someone's effort doesn't match up to our expectations of performance, that can be a negative."

Promotions from the entry level position at the company are based on merit...not potential. DMA Portland reviews the candidacy of an employee on a weekly basis, and at some point, the effort has to begin to close the 'potential gap.' If not, no one is growing.

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DMA Portland Reviews 'Risk'

While some people may hold the opinion that 'risk' as a negative, some other people love the idea. Where there is no risk, there is no reward. Where there is a lot of risk, there is the potential for a large reward. It's really all about leveraging risk. Most people cannot leverage risk. They do not own it. They have no control over the functions that produce the desired outcome.

Take an amateur gambler for instance. They sort of just throw money down when they feel like it, don't they? Take a professional gambler in the same game at the same table, they will leverage their risks based on the odds. Being able to identify where you have the highest chance of winning is only part of the equation, but a vital one.

Now lets compare a wealthy stockbroker to a single-income parent. Which one of these people would jump on a 'risky' investment? Well, it would depend on that parent's income, but let's pretend that its nominal. Of course, the answer is the wealthy stockbroker. They won't lose much from the same investment; however, the actual amount of money required may be the same. The wealthy stockbroker probably understands investments a lot better than the single-income parent, and this is partially why they are wealthy. They have learned to manage their risk with knowledge and research. They are genuinely interested in the stocks and follow them religiously. They see patterns. This is how you manage risk. Would a stockbroker be wealthy if they never took any risk at all? No.

What does this all mean? A manager at DMA Portland reviews: "The key to controlling risk is in gaining an understanding and immense knowledge base in the field, and managing any potential losses."

What's risky to some people is profitable to others.

If you truly want to be successful in your life, management at DMA Portland holds the opinion that you must be willing to take risks. Not careless risks...manageable ones.

In review, closing the 'potential gap' requires taking risks. Success comes to those with high potential taking risks, getting outside of their comfort zone, and pushing their boundaries. Don't stay comfortable. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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